Minion Cakes

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  1. Minion Stuart Cake
    Minion Stuart Cake
    Rs. 1,990 Rs. 2,289
  2. Minions Lover Cake
    Minions Lover Cake
    Rs. 1,925 Rs. 2,214
  3. Cartoon Minion Cake
    Cartoon Minion Cake
    Rs. 1,875 Rs. 2,156
  4. Cute Minion Cake for kids
    Cute Minion Cake for kids
    Rs. 1,950 Rs. 2,243

4 Items

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The cake is not only cake but more than it. Why should you go with simple and ordinary Anniversary Cakes, when we are coming up with an outstanding range of amazing cake?Yes!!! We do believe in creativity and that is why coming up with the best cake.

India Flower Plaza Has the Best Birthday Cakes

At India Flower Plaza, we always believe in making the best Chocolate Cakes. These cakes have been prepared by the expert's chef maintaining the quality of the product. Whether you want KitKat chocolate cake, treat for mummy cake or yummy chocolate cake, we are having everything at the best place. The amazing cake for music lovers having chocolate is also set to jazz your mood up within no time.

We staunchly believe in working on quality of product and that is why the enormous range of cake that we do present is just amazing. Whether you want Blackforest Cakes or something particular one, we are having all kind of cake made up using the best ingredients.

How To Choose The Right One Cake?
  • First, you need to go with an option like regular, photo, spidermen, character, cup, designer, mini and so on. You may choose the right one according to your choice. For kids, it would be right to go with a cake like spider-men, Barbie dolls based. Panda cake, Mickey mouse and so on.
  • It is up to you which flavour you wish to choose from Black Forest, chocolate, red velvet, fruit, vanilla or pineapple. We always use the best products to make a cake for you.
  • We always believe in serving the best to you and that is why coming up with the best cake for you. Here, you would have a variety of cakes vary in weight like Half Kg, One Kg, One and Half Kg, and Two Kg. You may choose the right one according to your choice.
  • Are you quite possessive about the shape of a cake? Here, you can go with the best shape like Round, Square, Rectangle, Heart shape or Domed Shape.
  • Do not you wish to go with only cake? Go with the best cake hamper paired with flower available at the best prices.
  • Being the best platform, we are here to serve the best to you. And that is why India Flower Plaza is here to serve you the best and on-time delivery to the city you want be it Delhi, Mumbai, Pune or anyone else.

At India Flower Plaza, you can have a wide collection of amazing cakes. If you have been looking for the best one so the delivery will be made timely, you have landed at the right platform. We do believe in maintaining the quality of the product and that is why always come up with the great collection of amazing cakes. Stop thinking much and find out the best collection of lovely and delicious cake available at the best online prices.

So, what are you waiting for? It is high time to go with the right choice without getting confused. Place your order and surprise your dear ones.