Wish Good Luck To Your Dear Ones With These Lucky Charms

Happiness increases when you share it and so does good wishes. It’s always great to be the reason behind someone’s smile. Whether it’s someone’s farewell or a tough day, helping a person stay spirited and move ahead with positivity is the best idea ever! For all those days when you want to send out a motivation or good luck wish to someone, do it with a little more than those good luck notes. Gift them a bunch of fresh flowers to remind them about the beautiful day that awaits them. Surprise them with a small yet meaningful good-luck gift that stays with them like a good luck charm and keeps reminding them to stay happy and positive.

Gifts are a way of expressing our love and there’s no better way than gifting your dear ones something that’s meaningful and personalized. A token of your love can cheer up someone and give them all the strength they need. So don’t shy away from surprising your friends, colleagues, family, or people around. Check out the best deals & offers on Gifts and Flowers that put more into your wallet.

Here’s a list of budget-friendly good luck gifts for everyone!

1. Lucky Bamboo or Jade Plant

According to Chinese Feng Shui (the unseen force that binds the universe, earth, and humanity), plants are one of the most important elements in creating a positive environment. You can go for a well flourishing Bamboo plant or a Jade plant with rounded green leaves. The greens of the plant not only attract positive energy and balance the five elements, but it is also a very popular sign for good fortune, money, and health. Make sure that you pick up a blooming plant and carefully pick the number of bamboo sticks in the bunch as the number of sticks has a great significance. For example - the number four sounds like death in Chinese so it’s better to avoid a plant with just 4 sticks.

Jade plant is a symbol of good health and wealth. The round and shiny leaves of the plant is synonymous to a wealthy future. Gift a pot of Jade plant to all those who’re looking for a stable future. It is perfect for those who aren’t great at taking care of plants as this one doesn’t require much care.

2. Goldfish

Who wouldn’t like a couple of those pretty golden fishes in a sparkling clean jar? Well, the good thing is that a pair of goldfish, if gifted to someone, symbolizes good health, wisdom, luck, and long life. Among the eight sacred symbols of Lord Buddha, goldfish is one of the symbols and is considered to bring harmony and abundance. Goldfish can be kept on the office desk and in the living area of the house to bring harmony and abundance. You can keep a pair of goldfish in your room to bring fertility. Gifting goldfish can be a great idea to someone as a moving away gift or generally as a good luck gift.

3. Elephants

Elephants are a very popular good luck gift across the world. Considered as a sign of strength, wisdom, protection and a lot of other things, gifting elephants to someone can be a way of bringing in power and prosperity. If you want to wish prosperity and good luck to someone, it’s best to gift them an elephant with its trunk upwards. However, for fertility, gift an elephant with its trunk downwards. Elephants are considered to be a great good-luck gift in Thai, Asian, and African culture. You can go for a tiny elephant structure made out of wood, marble, clay, or glass. It not only makes for a beautiful desk decoration but it’s also an extremely auspicious gift to remind everyone to stay strong and positive in life.

4. Fresh Flowers

There’s absolutely nothing that can make a person smile instantly than a bouquet of fresh flowers. Those beautiful stems of lovely Lilies, Orchids, and forever special Roses. Get a beautifully assembled bouquet of flowers and add the personal touch by attaching a handwritten note with it. The freshness of flowers will remind the person about how beautiful life is and the opportunities that are waiting for the person in the future. Flowers uplifts everyone’s mood and I am sure it will do its magic this time as well.

If you want to send your congratulatory wishes to someone in a different city, FlowerAura, FernsnPetals, etc are some of the best and quickest portals to do the needful. All that you need to do is select the city, choose the favorite flowers, and send them with a note full of love.

5. Laughing Buddha

This cute gift has a lot of beautiful meanings attached to it. A laughing Buddha when given to dear ones not just attracts abundance and the feeling of plentitude but it also oozes positivity and happiness in the area it is placed in. This bundle of joy comes in various shapes and sizes and each of the shapes has a particular meaning attached to it. A Buddha with a bowl and a fan symbolizes a wanderer who is on a mission to take away people’s miseries and sadness. If you come across a Laughing Buddha statue and rub its belly, it signifies the arrival of great fortune and contentment. Likewise, placing a Laughing Buddha statue in the correct direction and at the correct spot according to the Chinese Feng Shui can correct all that’s wrong in one’s life. It can attract good vibes, positivity, and fulfillment in people’s lives.

Good luck gifts have a hidden meaning attached to them. A lot of people will pamper you with chocolates and pens but giving someone a gift that has some special meaning and indicated the well-being of the person is totally worth the effort. Pick up the right gifts and let your near and dear ones know that you care for them!

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