Do you Know The History of Valentine’s Day?

February 14 is just around the corner. Raise hands how many of you are done with your special preparation? On the other hand, there would be many of you are still contemplating that what to do and what should not.

Well!!! It is great to know that you all are excited about it. But do you know what is all about the history? If not, then we are going to cite it in a discreet manner.

How the US Celebrates Valentine Day?

In US, February 14 is celebrated as a very special day. You can see a great hustle-bustle on this day. It is celebrated all across the United States on a large scale. People can be seen buying or ordering candy, flowers and gifts and so on to wish their loved ones be it a lover, friend, siblings or parents. All this is done in the name of St. Valentine who is all considered a mysterious saint.  

Do you Know The History of Valentine’s Day?

What About The History Of Valentine Day?

According to history, this special seven days valentine day originate during the third century in Rome. During this time, Emperor Claudius II came up with a pretty much wired rule that a single man made better solider and that is why he outlawed marriage for young men.

Do you Know The History of Valentine’s Day?

But young priest namely Valentine was not happy with this rule. And he raised his voice against this injustice. In this context, the tried his best to perform secret marriages for the couples fallen in love with each-other. But the sad part of this story is that Claudius came to know about this and he sentenced him to death.

But there is a good thing happened in between all this. Valentine also fell in love with his jailer’s daughter. She visited him in jail. Before he was put to death, he sent a love letter to that pretty girl. The special thing about that letter is that he signed it writing “From Your Valentine”. And that expression is still being used. It means, the festival we all have been celebrating still today was exactly execute on February 14, 270 AD. Later, this day was officially done as Valentine day in 496 AD.  And Valentine became a special day from that time till now.

Valentine Day Is The Second Largest Card-Sending Festival -

That ritual is still continued and we all celebrate it with a lot of happiness and courage. This special year is celebrated every year on February 14 to showcase love friends, family and lovers. On this day, people give special gifts to their loved ones. On the special day of Valentine’s Day, people also send a valentine variety of special things like including delicious chocolates, candy hearts full of emotions, and beautiful cards.

According to the U.S. Greeting Card Association, this thing comes to light that approximately one billion Valentine’s Day cards adding the special message on it are sent each year all across the world. This is why, Valentine day is considered the special festival which is counted as the second largest card-sending holiday.

What Gift Is Send On A large Scale On Valentine Day ?

If talks about the gift which is sent on a large scale on this special day, it is flowers. It may sound a bit bizarre but it is true. Flowers have always been considered the best way. They convey your feelings in the best way and this is why people love to choose them whenever it comes to send the special feelings. This is why Valentine’s Day comes up on the list on the biggest holidays to send flowers.

Do you Know The History of Valentine’s Day?

Though there is a variety of flowers available no one can compete the beauty of a rose. This Valentine ’s Day bouquet flower is not only special but full of love and emotions. When it comes about rose, there is a variety of available. It is up to you that which one you wish to send to your loved ones. Though all kind of roses is beautiful and perfect to choose in order to convey your feelings to that special one.

How Can You Make Valentine Day 2018 Memorable To Your Love?

  • Valentine ’s Day bouquet Roses – Without giving roses, the feeling of expressing love would not be considered complete. If you are going to express your loved this valentine day then do not forget to order online. The long-stemmed red roses can also be another way to express love in a beautiful way.
  • Seven Days of Valentines – You do not need to get restricted to some particular days of valentine day. You love is so special to you and this is why you should keep surprising your love continually. Would not you love to surprise your love in a great way? The online store is here to surprise you since they have some amazing gifts to leave you speechless.
  • Scent with Love – Valentine has always been special since it comes only once in a year. You should not let it go in an ordinary way. It is time to send a valentine gift your crust this mixed bouquet of pink oriental lilies, red rose, and scent and so on whatever you wish to dedicate.  
  • Valentine’s Day Spectacular – Do not think that Valentine day is dedicated to only celebrating it with love. You may also go to celebrate it with anyone whom you wish to feel special like your mother, father, sister or so on. The new age market is loaded with a plethora of gifts in order to make you feel just amazing. Buy the right one which you should wish to gift.
  • Loves Me, Loves Me Not Daisies – Do not forget to celebrate it with your friend. Yes!!! Make this Valentine pretty much special for your friend. Let her/him know that how she/he is special to you.

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to make this upcoming Valentine very much special. These above mentioned ideas are all set to take your excitement level to the new height.