Gift Ideas for Your Mother

It is important to ensure that your mom is aware of how deeply she is appreciated for all the sacrifices she has made over the course of your life.  You have relied on her throughout the years from when you were being toted around in the stroller and backseat of the family car to adulthood when she invites you over for dinner and always ensures you have plenty to take away.  For the majority, these acts of love and sacrifice have permanently placed mom in the number one position on their priority list.  As the holiday season is in full effect, a number of individuals are looking for gift ideas for mom.  The ideas below might be just what you need to get started:

1. Bamboo Breakfast Tray (with Legs)

These trays make ideal gifts for mom.  Not only are they biodegradable and eco-friendly, but they are also formaldehyde and BPA free.  The trays are also a great alternate to melamine, they are food safe and adequately durable to be last for many years.  This tray is ideal for serving mom breakfast in bed without spills and it can effortlessly transform into an area for comfortable reading in bed.

2. Robotic Vacuum

After years and years of picking up your messes, a robotic vacuum cleaner would be an incredible gift for your mom.  After she has mastered the set-up, this effective and convenient smart cleaning device will definitely enhance her life by virtually operating on its own and give her more time for self-care.  It is also easy to maintain and built to last. 

3. Orchids 

With their wide variety of colors, orchids make remarkable gifts for flower-loving moms, especially when they are in all their big, showy blooming glory.  Unlike cut flowers, orchids can last for several months and even year after, particularly if mom has anything that resembles a green thumb.

4. Snack Box Subscription

A snack box subscription can make a remarkable gift for mom.  There are different types of snack box options that can be chosen based on the personal preferences of your mom.   There are sweet options, salty options, and pretty much everything in between.  You can even shop for snack subscription options that will package healthy goodies for those who are more health-conscious.

5. Weighted Sleep Mask

Similar to regular eye masks, the weighted ones serve as a sleeping aid.  However, these exceptional products combine a science-backed technique with the benefits of a regular eye mask to help mom sleep.  Research has shown that the additional weight in this type of eye mask lessens anxiety, improves relaxation, and will help your mom to fall asleep faster and remain asleep for a longer period of time.  

6. Handheld Fabric Steamer

If your mom is always on the go, a handheld steamer will go a long way in keeping her favorite dresses and blouses wrinkle-free and crease-resistant.  It is definitely a simpler alternative to pulling out the iron and iron board.   

7. Bluetooth Speaker

The gift of a Bluetooth speaker will give mom the opportunity to fill the house with the sounds of her favorite playlists and podcasts.  This gift is also ideal for amplifying background music while she cooks, cleans, and completes other tasks around the house.

8. Silk Pillowcases

In addition to being cooler and softer than cotton and other pillowcase fabrics, silk pillowcases can prevent hair from breaking.  Studies have also shown that these pillowcases can prevent wrinkles, fizzy hair, and keep the skin hydrated.  These things are important to any mom who takes pride in her appearance.

9. Candles

Candles provide a great way for the home to smell great and they can also serve as accessories to improve the look of different spaces around the home.  Candles can also provide a relaxing atmosphere in which mom can wind in the bathtub or any space around the home.  They are available in countless fragrances and can provide mom with hours and hours of relaxation.

10. Luxury Bedding 

If your budget allows, luxury bedding can serve as incredible gifts for your mother.  This type of bedding is not only for comfort; this high-quality bedding actually has the capacity to make mom healthier.  It can provide her with sounder sleep, softer skin, fewer wrinkles, and fewer allergies.  They can also help in regulating her temperature, so she wakes up feeling more refreshed. 

11. Plush Bathrobe

Giving mom a plush bathrobe can make every shower reminiscent of a trip to a luxurious spa. Consider getting her a robe that is soft and luxurious and will wrap around her waist like arms in a generous embrace.

12. Sunflower Growing Kit

With a foolproof gardening kit, mom can add a pop of color to her existing garden or get her gardening aspirations going.  There are kits that include up to 6 varieties of sunflowers, functionally packaged within a recycled egg carton so the growing process can begin sustainably.

13. Potted Plants

In addition to the obvious benefit of the enhanced air quality that can be provided by plants, they are renowned for having a stress-relieving and calming effect as well.  By gifting your Mom a plant this holiday season, you will be really giving her the opportunity to light up the space in which she chooses to put it and bring more life into her home or office.

14. Book of the Month

If your mom loves to read and is not fully committed to going 100 percent digital, gifting her a Book of the Month membership could be ideal.  This type of membership allows your mom to select from the best new books.  Additionally, she will have the option of requesting additional books if she would like to read more than one book per month.

15. Indoor Herb Garden

If your mom enjoys cooking and takes pride in using fresh ingredients, an indoor herb garden would be an ideal gift.  There are systems that are equipped with a self-watering system that enables even novice gardeners to effortlessly and quickly grow vegetables and herbs.  Fresh herbs provide a remarkable way to boost your diet by adding healthy nutrients. They offer antioxidants, vitamins, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits.