10 New Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Although there can be no special day to thank our dad’s for all the sacrifices they did to bring us up, father’s day is one such event where we can always find a chance to be thankful to our daddies. Father’s day usually is celebrated in June after the celebration of mother’s day in May. Most of the times we get so busy in our daily lives that we tend to forget whatever dad has done for us.

Hence to commemorate many of such incidents, let us have a look at an array of probable send gifts online that can be given to our daddy dear on this special day. This is not to show off our duties but only to let them know that we might not say this every day but we really do care for them. Some of the gifts that can be given to him are as follows:

  • We would all live to surprise our daddy with a food bunch of flowers and want to have that delivered early in the morning so that his day starts with a smile and remains happy throughout the day. For this, we can always opt for a combo bouquet of 6 orchid strands and a superbly rich and creamy chocolate truffle cake weighing around 500gms. This extraordinary combo is extremely special and is within the moderate price.
  • When we know that our daddy has a sweet tooth and be it normal sweetmeats or posh chocolates, he is going to savour every bit of the gift to the fullest, we can definitely opt for this combination. We can give him a crunchy chocolaty and sweet combo where we can provide them a pack of 24 pieces of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, 250gms of cashew nut to help him munch on to during the evening and a 1kg tin of Rajbhog sweet made by Haldiram. This will be an ultimate package for all the sweet lovers.
  • In order to show that we love and care for our dad a lot, we all know that with some sinful indulgence a large amount of healthy food is needed. Therefore we can always opt for the combo which contains a bunch of 12 mixed coloured roses, 3kgs fresh fruits in a basket, a 500gms box of assorted dry fruits and a 500gms chocolate cake to enjoy the day.
  • Next, we can opt for a combination where we can provide the things for a fresh look to our dad so that he never cases to look fit and fine in his avatar and can keep up with the clean looks. We can give a hamper which has a 50ml Park Avenue after shave lotion, 200ml Playboy deodorant, 7 in 1 grooming kit from Philips and a 40x20 inches soft white towel. This is a perfect hamper for our daddy especially when he is travelling as this would be handy but useful.
  • We’d be definitely knowing if our dad is a gourmet or not and if we find that he is one of the best foodies that we have seen we can have something perfect for him. Here we have a perfect gourmet hamper with 2 black coffee mugs which are around 4 inches tall, 2 candles which are 1.5 inches tall just in case daddy wants to surprise mum with a homemade candlelight dinner, a 100gm pack of sugar free, a 250 gm pack of Nature Valley Crunchy, a 190gm pack of Pringles, a cute artificial flower arrangement and a cute tub to pour in popcorn for the upcoming soccer or cricket seasons. This is a very well thought gift for our dad and this would be a total winner for a foodie dad.
  • If our dad is actively busy in his business work, we must think of giving something which he finds useful in his daily life and which when he uses can remind him of us. There is a solution for that as well as we can gift them Casio calculators which will help him solve all the tough calculation and a diary of 5.5x4 inches which will be extremely useful to him. This will come with a cute tag conveying our love to dad and just be reminding him that we love him so much.
  • When we know that our daddy is the coolest and all we would want is for him to increase his coolness quotient, his would be the best gift possible for him. We could give him a Gentle Combo absolutely marvellous for our daddy cool as it contains a cool blue Park Avenue deodorant, a dark blue tie and a brown belt to compliment his look. This is a totally wonderful option to give on the occasion of father’s day.
  • If our daddy is totally against getting gifts of any kind we can simply celebrate the day with this Father’s Day Pineapple Cake. We could arrange for a 1kg cake to double the celebration level with a normal egg base cake. If our daddy is strictly vegetarian we can also opt for an eggless cake. The design of the cake shall vary as the bakers will be innovative and will hunt for the most coveted designs available.
  • We all know how attached our daddy is to the old embarrassing photos from our childhood and how he proudly shows it off to others. We might not like the idea at all but one thing that we can’t deny is that daddy loves us inspire if everything we’ve done to him. So this father’s day let us choose the most embarrassing photo that he loves a lot and plan for a cushion to be made with that photo imprinted on it. It’s a 16x16 inches cushion and is very moderately priced. It can be ordered online as well in case we are busy.
  • Lastly, if we really forget and mess it up on father’s day there is just one thing which can be given to cover all the mishap. It would be our exclusive super dad cake which needs to be delivered home even though we are busy. The entire get up of the cake is marvellous and only denotes a message to our dad that we might goof it up and mess it up but the fact which will rain is that he is our super dad and without him, we would be nowhere. Let us include this cake and celebrate this special day to make memories that can be cherished forever.